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Meet // Abdalla Nasr

Growing up, I was lucky to have a family who supported me financially through university. But then, when a financial crisis hit us, I knew I had to make it big in the corporate world and I had to do it yesterday.

I was all of twenty when I entered the corporate world, with only a few internships and summer jobs under my belt. To cover the gaps in my knowledge, I dove into self-development and business books. I even went back to some of my university books, reading hundreds of them with a vigour that far exceeded when I read them at university!

I was hungry. I wanted to be the best.

But here’s the problem…I discovered most books were interesting in theory, but impossibly frustrating and difficult to apply. Many of their writers hadn’t even experienced the pressure of corporate demands themselves. They had no idea about the reality of dealing with tight budgets, strict deadlines, demanding customers, the constant need for innovation, fierce competition, diverse people to interact with and influence all while being able to meet your personal demands and stay healthy.

Furthermore, there were many hidden areas in every organization, and no one taught why leaders hire, promote, develop, and fire people.

This was my spark. I decided to uncover this by working across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the US on multiple assignments to understand how the largest multinationals select and identify talents, and how employees can use that to accelerate their growth. I didn’t intend to write a book – I was never a writer! But I wanted to help others succeed and save them the time and frustration I once experienced. The result is The Corporate, the book you never knew you wanted, to grow your career in ways you didn’t imagine. I’m proud to share it with you.

A no-bullsh*t approach for // Corporate Hustlers

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