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Remember when you had a dramatic incident at work and you couldn’t talk about it on any of the social media platforms because you might get judged on it? Or the next recruiter can judge you on what you share? Or your boss will retaliate? Or people will perceive you differently…sometimes you can’t even share an incident with your closest friends or partners because you know they might not understand.

We get it: sometimes, you just need to vent about your job or want to share funny incidents that happened at work, but public social media isn’t the best place for it.

Corporate Hustlers is a community that was built to bring together savvy people like you, who have anecdotes to share, questions to ask, or just things you want to talk about in the corporate world that you can’t do anywhere else for fear of judgement or having it negatively affect you due to your identity. 

Corporate Hustlers is your home to share your experiences at work and beyond freely and openly, a place where you connect with, interact with, and help each other in the community with your corporate challenges in a way where you are completely anonymous and respected.

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