The Corporate

A comprehensive online course with practical insights to help bridge the gap between the academic and corporate world and navigate to success.

Well-Begun is // Half-Done

The Corporate Compass program is all about giving you the best start in your corporate life. It helps you figure out if a job is a good fit for you, and/or find a better match. You’ll learn about hiring and firing practices with real-world advice from successful leaders around the world.

You’ll also learn how to avoid behaviours that can hold you back and make simple changes to speed up your career growth. This program will put you on the fast-track to becoming masters of leadership and working in teams, all while learning how to balance your personal life alongside growing in your career.

What is The //
Corporate Compass?

Those who are new to the corporate world often find themselves unprepared for it. With increased competition, funding constraints, changing demographics, rising student debt, the ever-changing job market, and technological advancements…who can blame them!

That’s why we created the Corporate Compass: to bridge the gap between the academic world and real-world corporate experience.

We equip new entrants and students with practical skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the corporate environment.

By providing the resources, connections, and valuable insights into corporate practices, challenges, and opportunities, this program empowers you with the confidence you need to thrive in the corporate arena. Its overarching goal is to ensure that you are well-prepared to face the demands of the modern job market and to succeed, by…

1. Understanding Your Current Position
Through establishing your values and goals. Where are you now? Where do you want your career to grow?
2. Learning From "The Corporate"
Applying the chapters of the Amazon #1 bestseller book "The Corporate" to get a head-start over others
3. Being Trained By The Industry Elite
Succeeding by using nine interactive insights from industry experts with decades of experience

The Corporate Compass gives you the support we wish we had when we began our own careers!

Why Choose // Us?

We Give You Real Insights

With real-world examples of corporate success – we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

Our program is based on personal experience

And interviews with top global leaders. We kept what we KNOW will work for you, and discarded what didn’t.

We Prioritise Work-Life Balance

We give work-life balance the importance it deserves while others often overlook it!​

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

What Results Can You // Expect?

Your corporate life is about to change for the better!
Ready to get the tools you need to rock the corporate world?

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