The Corporate // Book

The Art of Thriving in a Competitive Talent Market

FInally, Some // Answers

Your missing piece to getting ahead in the corporate world.

If you’re like most people, you want to build a career of significance and satisfaction.

But stuff happens.

Urgent deadlines, commitments both inside and out of work, and that constant feeling of trying to make sense of the meaning of the top brass’ decisions crowd your days.

“There’s a freeze on promotions this year…”
“We need to cut the fat…”
“We expect the best from you…”
“It was HR’s decision…”

Sound familiar? The corporate world is full of vague buzzwords and unclear direction.

Enter The Corporate, Amazon #1 bestseller and key to your career success without compromise. At long last: get an insider’s look distilled from personal experience and corroborated by interviews with countless leaders in top companies around the world at how talent is identified and developed so that you can finally figure out how to advance your career without sacrificing your personal time or wellness.

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Your Cliffsnotes to fortune 500 insight.

This isn’t your average self-help book! If you’re looking for a guide to cut through the cr*p to find out how top executives really think, download a FREE chapter of my book below.

The Corporate // Chapters

Chapter 1: The Hunt
About Chapter 1

Whether you have a top-ranked university degree or don't have a degree at all, find out the best practical ways to find your dream job without having connections.

Chapter 2: The Interview
About Chapter 2

Know the tools recruiters use to pass any interview.

Chapter 3: A Head Start
About Chapter 3

Find out how to get quick wins in your new role and accelerate your career.

Chapter 4: Growth
About Chapter 4

Learn why leaders in the largest MNCs invest in and develop some people over others.

Chapter 5: It's Time
About Chapter 5

Not your typical time management chapter. Learn how your brain works and how to use some tricks to improve productivity and creativity.

Chapter 6: Leadership
About Chapter 6

Got lost in all the leadership theories? This is a simple and practical approach to influence people that can create long-term followership in your career and personal life.

Chapter 7: Corporate Politics
About Chapter 7

Many people think politics is shady, crafty, dirty, and manipulative. This chapter will shed some light on the truth behind corporate politics, and how to navigate through it.

Chapter 8: The Wave
About Chapter 8

This chapter is the result of the thousands of terminations I led through recessions and business restructures. Learn how to protect your job and career in a time of uncertainty.

Chapter 9: Bulletproof Yourself
About Chapter 9

Find out some easy tips from health and wellness experts on how to improve your mental and physical health to lead a sustainable and productive long-term career.

When I was looking for a job…

When I was looking for a job…

Well, let me tell you. They were all wrong.

Thanks to Abdalla and The Corporate’s guidance, I managed to get 5 interviews in a single week, and one of them landed me an amazing job in a beautiful office, within a well respected company and with a decent salary and office hours, all within a month!

Yes, there were moments where I nearly doubted myself, got discouraged or was losing hope. But all I needed to do was to stay focused, follow Abdalla’s advice and never give up. It all worked out for the best and I can’t wait to learn and progress within the company.

Thank you Abdalla for changing my life around and for always believing in me. Anything is truly possible!

Ivanka was looking for a job, and following just the first two chapters of The Corporate helped her out. Maybe you’re thinking “I already have a job! Is the book still for me?” Well, we do have 7 more chapters, don’t we? We have you covered! What are you waiting for? 

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Can a light, easy, comic book read teach you how to get ahead in the corporate world? If it’s packed with substance as The Corporate is, certainly! Our readers around the globe agree!

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Amazon Verified Purchase
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I was excited to see how comprehensive and up-to-date The Corporate Book is. It’s full of advice for anyone looking to accelerate their career to a new level or thrive in a competitive workplace. If you’re planning to grow your career, READ THIS BOOK! Abdalla's book gives tons of guidance and practical advice for a successful career that are applicable for professional and personal life. Personally, in my first reading, I really found it perfect career guidance. Abdalla does a great job of helping not only about 'what' but it fills in quite a bit of 'how'. Each chapter provides an outline and details of important components tied to career mapping, hunting, growing, and executing. The author reveals a lot of credibilities given his career background and offered everything possible in support of what the reader needs.
Amazon Verified Purchase
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So I finished the book in 5 days. What a find. Everything in the book was super relevant to both myself and my wife's careers. I will be applying much of the stuff I have read. My favorite part is all the examples the author has through the book. I highly recommend the book to anyone and everyone. Go read it, it will change your life.
Menem Ragab
Menem Ragab
Amazon Verified Purchase
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What I loved about the book is that it takes you through the journey of being a corporate organism from looking for the right job - interviews - performing - growing - leadership - politics - getting the bad news, and even how to sustainably grow yourself inside out. the book is very practical with a dash of sarcasm which depicts how corporates are in nature. The book is a great eye-opener to fresh grads as well as equally a reminder to seasoned professionals.
Alberto Moriano
Alberto Moriano
Vice President, P&G
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Abdalla's book is extremely helpful for young talents that aspire to grow in the corporate world, but it is also a great reminder for more senior folks of the things that can make a difference in their careers. Most of us have learned some of these things “on the job”, the hard way. But it does not have to be like that. Abdalla has taken the time to document the challenging situations most of us go through when we decide to join the corporate world, and then list a number of “best practices” that will allow you to manage your work life in a more effective and balanced manner. Following these recommendations can truly help you succeed in this journey. Plus the book is easy and fun to read!
Sihem Chaib
Sihem Chaib
Compliance Manager, Emerging Markets
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I moved to Dubai without any job prospects. Abdalla’s advice was instrumental in helping me focus on which specific companies to target, how to approach hiring managers, communicate with confidence, and stand out from other candidates. His personable and energetic attitude are inviting and make people around him feel comfortable instantly.
Narvada Pandohie
Narvada Pandohie
Former Global Human Asset Manager, Halliburton
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Abdalla has a keen interest in ensuring that human capital is highly competent and ready to take on the task at hand. His demonstration of ambition, leadership, creativity, and resilience is second to none. While we worked together, he was identified as one of the Hi-Potentials of our line.
Carin Azarian-Fritzsche
Carin Azarian-Fritzsche
Professional Relations Specialist, Northeast Delta Dental - Concord, New Hampshire, US
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The Corporate has brought to light some interesting observations, and real useful tools that one can apply to continue their momentum to not only land a position in the corporate setting, but also to continue to grow and thrive. Each chapter triggered some form of self-reflection, and offered some insight into the existing dynamics and challenges of my current corporation. Definitely a useful guide that offers best practices on relevant topics for those seeking a position in the corporate arena, but also reminds you of the importance of practicing mindfulness and maintaining good health.

Buy the Amazon #1 Bestseller Now!

Meet // The Author

Abdalla Nasr is a certified global trainer in talent assessment and development who has worked in 30 countries and remotely supported 50+ countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the USA to hire, assess, and develop talents at different organization levels.

He has received multiple awards for enabling businesses to achieve their goals by developing people and leaders, and building the right organizational culture.

He is passionate about health and wellness, finding areas for employees to improve their nutrition, mental, and physical health, which translates into their increased performance and success in the corporate world.

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